(We promise these are asked frequently and are not actually made up by our team to think it's funny)

Q: What exactly is The Lazy Expert?

A: The Lazy Expert first and foremost is a store that sells unique items. We love thinking up products that can make regular everyday things a lot more fun. And for us, fun means being lazy and relaxed, so this is a perfect combination for us. Another way to answer that is to say The Lazy Expert is any and everyone who loves relaxing, being comfortable, sleeping, eating and drinking, eating again and sleeping again.

Q: How can I contact The Lazy Expert?

A: Visit our Contact page down below!

Q: I have a question about my item's location. What do I expect?

A: Visit our Shipping page below for all of our shipping information

Q: Is The Lazy Expert run by lazy experts?

A: YES ABSOLUTELY! We love laziness so much, we devote all of our work efforts to making sure it's done right. We specifically created the name to emphasize the quality of our company. Our experts are extremely diverse in their fields of expertise. We range from people who are great at working online, to people who are great at sleeping on the job! Diversity is key in this new world and we don't want anyone to feel left out :)

We have graphic designers, product designers, a team of marketers and editing staff. The beautiful part is that we all share common lazy traits along with being extremely enthusiastic about the quality of this brand. We take our customer care extremely seriously. With all our heart, we truly do connect with people who love our brand. So who works here? Incredible experts. Experts in the fine art of laziness. Experts in the fine art of being experts.

Q: Can I be featured in one of our videos?

A: To find out our guidelines please email thelazyexpert@gmail.com

Q: What is your return policy?

A: To view our return policy just visit out tab labeled "Our Policy" at the bottom of this page

Q: Why does your instagram feature fancy homes?

A: We want our audience to daydream about laziness in beautiful places. It brings a beautiful sensation to the mind when thinking about it. Like now. Right now. Just imagine it. You're at a huge celebrity studded party in a giant beautiful home and you're just sleeping on a beautiful couch smack in the middle of the main room while loud music plays. Amazing. Who needs to dance when you can sleep

Q: What's are some of the fir-

A: Zzzzzzz...

Q: .....Hello? HELLO?

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